The Gravity of Maintenance for Your Air Conditioning and Heating System

Are you allowing a stagnant swamp to grow in your home?

How do this happen?

It all begins by either ignoring regular professional maintenance on your air conditioning system or forgetting about it completely. And it could start at your return air filter, If you’re like most homeowners, you probably buy your filters at a supermarket or the ┬álocal hardware store.

While  this type may catch pet hair and other large dust particle, it allow the passage of the stagnant swamp creators! And they come in all shapes and sizes from bacteria and viruses, to pollen, spores and even living dust mites! And once they all pass through your dime sore filter, they begin construction of a pretty awful and dark environment. Because your household air is blown through the evaporator coil, some stop there for breeding because there are lots of small, dark places for them to get caught.

Eventually, their build-up will restrict air flow and the proper operation of this vital part of your system. Some of the really ugly ones fall into your drain pan….a great spot. It’s room temperature and usually wet. the mold and bacteria take hold. Still others get into your ductwork. There, they breed by the millions. those that don’t hang up on duct debris re-enter your rooms….fully grown and ready to do damage in the form of allergies, respiratory diseases, headaches, asthma attacks and much, much worse.

You can stop these stagnant swamp architects with proper filtration, regular professional maintenance of your air conditioning system and duct sanitizing. Duct sanitizing and cleaning completely removes these problems from your system and leaves your ductwork spotless, disinfected and deodorized. Your environment is safe again and your colling system is operating efficiently and economically.